Spring 2014

Weekly session for the Sangha

Friday at 9.30

Monthly session for teachers and body workers

First Friday of every month at 11.30

Both at Monte Rosa, www.monterosaportugal.com

10 class card (open for a year) 70€

No drop in, only for regular students.

Weekly session for the Sangha

A session for those students who have been practicing with us for some time now. Asana, pranayama, meditation and, as always, an open reflection on life and how the yoga practice can be a tool to live honestly and kindly, to be happy.

The first friday of every month, the class will be an introductory session to welcome those students who want to start practicing with us long term. All the other classes of the month will be directed towards our old students.

If you are a complete beginner or a visitor, please contact us for private sessions or to attend one of our week long retreats.

Montly session for teachers and body workers

There have been many asking for an ongoing training in massage and asana adjustments for yoga teachers and bodyworkers, or those in the way to be. In this workshop we will develop sensitivity and love in the touch, clarity in our intention, we will learn how to inspire trust and intimacy and we will continue to explore the alignment of the body through our own yoga practice.

For more information, please email us at jennyandigor@thelightroom.info